we transform
 tech scale-ups into enterprises

We are a certified cloud expertise company that transforms scale-ups into enterprises.

We are committed to brand growth and transformation. Our agency helps clients uncover new possibilities to adapt to a changing market, supply chain, and future.

To us bringing a vibrant and cool energy to everything we do is a must, fostering a collaborative and enjoyable environment for our clients and team.

our vision

To enable software companies to optimize their processes, maximize their applications quality and focus on their core business goals.

our mission

To fill in the missing piece a company needs for securing its product development and business scaling process.

our crew of experts

The dedicated and forward-thinking expert behind our company's data-driven decision-making, with a passion for technology, collaboration, and business growth.

Lili Kostadinova

Data Engineer

With a bright smile and a can-do attitude, she's always ready to go the extra mile to ensure our team members feel valued and supported.

Rositsa Krasteva

People Success Manager

The friendly and knowledgeable tech wizard who's always ready to lend a helping hand.

Nikolay Galchev

Cloud Engineer

The charismatic and inquisitive leader behind our company's achievements, who deftly manages multiple responsibilities while embodying a passion for life.

Chavdar Trendafilov

Chief Executive Officer

The super smart, tech-savvy backbone of our company who's always ahead of the curve.

Ivan Dobrinov

Chief Technology Officer

The highly skilled and agile problem-solver who ensures seamless automation, deployment, and infrastructure management.

Kristiyan Georgiev

DevOps Engineer

The automation guru who oversees our team of engineers with a steady hand, passion for innovation, and a talent for problem-solving.

Georgi Gocev

Head of Engineering

The mastermind behind keeping everything on track and running like a well-oiled machine.

Yoana Rangelova

Head of Operations

Positive and motivated person who is trying to integrate his creative nature into day-to-day tasks equally to the ideas for the future. <Software development is like a good day, you dont wait for it, you make it.>

Nikola Pazderov

Automation Engineer

DevOps engineer with experience in a wide range of technologies, quick learner and striving to always follow and apply the best industry practices in each clients environments.

Velislav Dikov

DevOps Engineer

A passionate software enthusiast with a Bachelor's in Information Systems and a Master's in Business Informatics. He has several years of experience as an Automation Engineer and enjoys travelling to experience new cultures. Pavel is also a football and crossfit enthusiast.

Pavel Lyutov

Cloud Engineer

Our values drive us

Act with integrity

Trust is always a key factor for solid partnership with our customers. We always act with integrity when we engage in projects and adhere to the highest standards of business conduct.

Measure by results

It is the focus on results that brings value. We are oriented towards delivering transparent, measurable results to our customers in committed timeframes.

Driven by innovation

Innovation is a mindset. Our company vision encompasses the adoption of new technologies and custom solutions that address our customers' business challenges in an effective and efficient manner.